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Founded in the global center of the automotive industry, Detroit, Tier One has ventured into several areas of specialization: North American Manufacturing (Operations, Sales, and Engineering leadership); Asia/China (Manufacturing Operations, Sales, and Engineering leadership); and Mexico Operations. We seek out, attract, and secure the absolute best talent for our worldwide client companies, global organizations ranging in annual sales between 25 million and 50 billion dollars. We are Detroit based executive staffing and recruitment experts, with offices in China, Canada, and Mexico.

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China Sales

From Account Mgt. to VP

Greater China Operations

Mfg. Operations, Supply Chain, etc.


Manufacturing Leadership based in Mexico

North America

USA/Mexico Opportunities

Manufacturing Operations

Management to COO

Global Legal

Asia and N/A - Compliance, IP, Commerce

Latin/South America

Manufacturing Leadership - South America

Other Asian Openings

Japan, Korea, Malaysia, etc

Sales and Engineering

Senior Level Sales and Product/Mfg. Eng

"There is no greater asset within a business entity, than the talented people who come together to lead it."

- Mark Thibodeau, Senior Partner

Working with a Recruiter for Candidates: Respecting your References

Communicate with your references - don't leave them out in the cold!

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